Group Lessons

                             2018 Group Lessons


This class consist of 4 one hour classes.  This class is for those that have been playing a little and perhaps have taken some lessons.

It will be a review of your swing and will allow practice time to hone in on your skills.  Sign up with some of your golfing friends and get better together!





email: to sign up



This class will teach the student how to transfer their swing and short game to the golf course

Three- 3 hour session

Session #1.. The first class will consist of short game practice. Pitching from 50 yards and in, chipping and putting. You will also learn how to read greens and line up. After an hour and a half of practice the class will go out on the course and learn how to use these shots.

Session #2..This class will consist of hitting short to mid irons.

Learn proper alignment, and a pre-shot routine.  After practice the class will go out to the course and practice these skills

Session #3..This class will start with the hybrids and Driver.

After an hour of practice, the class will play 9 holes.


Price:   Maximum of 6 students

Call Laura to sign up for classes.  570-490-4279 or email: