Meet Laura Tyler

Laura started playing golf at age 11. Falling in love with the game immediately, she played just about every day. She played on the boy’s high school golf team where she played # 1 position both her junior and senior year.

Laura received a golf scholarship at James Madison University, where she earned a BS degree in Physical and Health Education.  After college she wanted to play professionally so she worked on her game for two years and then joined the Futures Golf Tour.  During the 4 years she played on the tour she also played in two US Women’s Open.

After leaving the professional circuit she soon realized that her new passion was to help others learn how to play this great game.  She is constantly learning about the swing and finding ways to make it easier to learn.

She mentored with Ted Sheftic when first starting to teach. He taught her a lot about the golf swing. In 2007, Laura learned about Jim Hardy from a friend and wanted to learn more about the differences from one-plane and two-plane golf swings.  Meeting Jim Hardy and the Plane Truth staff has taken her teaching skills to the next level! She is a member of The Plane Truth Institute and a certified instructor. The Plane Truth has helped Laura to help fix all types of swings much quicker than before her affiliation with Jim Hardy.

Laura is not a method teacher. She realizes that every student comes to the lesson tee with his or her own unique swing.  She knows what to fix and what to leave alone. Ultimately, she will help each student learn how to make a repeatable correct impact.

Laura brings 30 + years of experience to the lesson tee. Your experience on the lesson tee will be enjoyable. Her goal is for you to  #hit the next ball better, and enjoy the game more.  She will give you drills and skills that will be easy to practice and transfer them to the golf course.